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Adam York

University of Colorado Boulder

Adam York is a Research Associate with the National Education Policy Center.  He serves as project manager for the Schools of Opportunity project and contributes to several other NEPC public scholarship projects.  His research interests include civic learning and human development, critical media literacies, and creative opportunities for young people.  He earned his PhD in education and learning sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder.  In addition to working at NEPC he teachers undergraduate level courses for the CU Boulder School of Education.  Prior to NEPC he worked in the nonprofit sector as a program director and grant writer.  He was also an instructor at University of Colorado Denver, teaching masters level courses in educational foundations and policy, human development, and research methods.  His research experience includes work with Dr. Ben Kirshner, Dr. Shelley Zion, and Dr. Carlos Hipolito-Delgado on the Critical Civic Inquiry project and with Dr. William Penuel on the Longitudinal Study of Connected Learning.

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